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RāKiwi Mānuka Oil β-Triketone 10%+

RāKiwi Mānuka Oil β-Triketone 10%+

Elevate your skincare routine with RāKiwi Mānuka Oil β-Triketone 10%+. Crafted from pure Mānuka Essential Oil, this potent elixir is enriched with bioactive β-Triketones, renowned for their soothing antiseptic properties. Harness its healing power by applying topically to clean wounds, alleviate dry, itchy skin conditions like dandruff, and soothe insect bites, stings, chafing, minor grazes, and infections. Embrace nature's remedy for comprehensive skincare with RāKiwi Mānuka Oil β-Triketone 10%+.
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Mānuka Oil (100% pure, not blended) Certified: 10%+ β-Triketone content (bioactive) Origin: East Cape, Aoteroa New Zealand Independently Tested Steam Distilled in Water

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