Our Promise

Tipu: Regenerating native in the Waiapū Valley
RaKiwi is working with Hikurangi Bioactives to support regeneration of native forests on Māori-owned land in the Waiapū Valley.
'Tipu’ means to grow, develop and increase, and is also one of the names for seedling or plant. A percentage from each jar of RaKiwi honey sold will be invested in growing seedlings that will be planted on Māori land.
Seedlings funded by the Tipu project will be grown by Pututu Nursery in Tikitiki, a Māori-owned and operated home nursery which has been growing seedlings for ten years. The initial focus will be to supply kānuka, tī kōuka and mahoe plants. Grown from seed in September 2020, a year later these seedlings will be ready to be planted on hills and around streams and rivers in the Waiapū Valley.

Hikurangi Bioactives Limited Partnership (HBLP)
HBLP is a joint venture established in 2016 - to develop natural health products from native bioactives, with the intention of creating jobs and economic opportunities for Māori communities in and around the Waiapū Valley on the East Coast of Aotearoa New Zealand.