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RāKiwi Kānuka Oil α-Pinene 50%+

RāKiwi Kānuka Oil α-Pinene 50%+

Discover the versatile benefits of RāKiwi Kānuka Oil α-Pinene 50%+. With over 50% bioactive αPinene compounds, this oil boasts a delightful sweet scent and a range of therapeutic properties including analgesic, antiseptic, antibacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory. Harness its power by applying topically to address acne and fungal conditions of the skin and nails. For respiratory relief, add a few drops to inhalations to alleviate congestion from colds and flu. Prior to use, perform a patch test on the skin to ensure compatibility. Experience nature's healing touch with RāKiwi Kānuka Oil α-Pinene 50%+.
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Kānuka Essential Oil Origin: East Coast, New Zealand

Steam Distilled Independently Tested

Export Grade Certified 50%+ Bioactive αlpha-Pinene content

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